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Sun King Warriors

Bryan Fazio is a member of the Sun King Warriors.  He plays conga drums along with other percussion instruments.  Other members include Jim Donovan (vocals, guitar - formerly of Rusted Root), Kent Tonkin (bass), Kevin McDonald (guitar), Dan Murphy (guitar), Dr. Harry Pepper (percussion), and Joe Marini (drums).  Sun King Warriors have released two albums and play live shows frequently across Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

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Rhumba Wheels by PJ Roduta and Bryan Fazio


An energetically liquid, highly engaging snapshot of two drummers' chemistry and passion for creativity and composition.

Bryan Fazio, PJ Roduta: Congas, Bougaraboo, Clave, Shekere, Didgeridoo, Drum Set, Hand Claps, Vocals, Triangle, Cajon, Trash Can, Wine Bottles, Dollar Store Bells, PVC Pipe, Native American Flute, Shakers, Tambourine

Bob Megill: Bass on Marvin Gaye

Marcia Liggett: Backing Vocal on Bembe Blue

Poems and Sounds by Bryan Fazio

The name says it all - Original poetry and spontaneous music born from those angst-filled, rambling post-collegiate years.

Bryan Fazio - Vocals, Congas, Percussion, Native American Flute, Keys
Jason Dohanich - Guitar
Dean Kostlich - Bass on Tracks 1 and 6
Bob Megill - Bass on Tracks 2,3,4, and 5
Harry Pepper - Percussion on Tracks 8, 9; Guest Vocal on 10
Jody Showrank - Drums




Bryan Fazio’s book of poetry and original artwork

American middle class values collide with absolute freedom and alienation as Fazio takes us on a twenty year journey of disillusionment. With big heart, transparency, humor, and a healthy dose of skepticism, one man’s passion for life and love is comprehensively unveiled.